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#AdminGang Terms & Conditions

Everything You Need to Know
AKA "Terms and Conditions"


At Administration Motorsports, we pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency in how we conduct business​. Some of our customers have more questions than others about the process of bringing their car in and what they can expect. We've built a comprehensive list of all of the factors and considerations we want our customers to know prior to booking an appointment with us. We have spent the time to outline all of the expectations and what each step of your experience in the customization or service of your vehicle will entail as a customer.

Whether you're a new customer, or one of our established friends of the business; please take a few minutes to read, review, and have understanding. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our Schedule / Hours of Operation

Administration Motorsports is open Monday through Friday 9am-6pm. 

We work by appointment and they can be scheduled through:


  • Appointments must be verified/confirmed by a member of staff.
    (I.e. Don't just drop the car off at 9am without receiving confirmation that we have you booked.)


  • We will work with walk-ins on an emergency basis, these are exceptions, not the rule.

    • Walk-ins will be determined priority for service based on our current schedule.

    • We cannot guarantee we will be able to fit you in to the schedule without a verified appointment.

    • Walk-ins may have longer turn-around times than scheduled appointments due to having to order parts, wait on parts, and other customers ahead of you in line.

  • If you experience an automotive emergency and need your car dropped off overnight as a walk-in:​

    • The above standards for all other walk-ins applies. 
    • ​We recommend Roadside Services Towing @ 479-751-8200 (their pricing starts at $61).
    • Please ensure the car is towed to the rear of the shop in an area not blocking the doors or other vehicles.
    • Please text or leave a voicemail on the shop phone @ 479-621-3777 notifying us of the emergency and that your car was left at the shop.
    • Please arrange to have your keys dropped off as soon as possible the next business day.

  • Late attendees to appointments will be rescheduled.

For example: If your drop-off time is 10am and you do not drop off until noon; your car will be pushed back on the schedule, NO EXCEPTIONS. If something unforeseen prior to your appointment time comes up, please let us know so we can work something out for you.

  • If you are scheduled for a service and do not show or provide a 12-hour notice of cancellation (this does not apply to appointments rescheduled)​-- a no-call, no-show fee of $100 will apply.

  • Please ensure we have your best contact phone number and email address at the time of scheduling your appointment.

  • We have a customer consultation/waiting area but it is not intended for extended periods of waiting. Please ensure you arrange for someone to pick you up and drop you off when picking up or dropping off your vehicle. Uber and Lyft also have excellent service in the area we are in and can arrive onsite generally within 5 minutes.

Labor and Service Rates


  • General Service Labor - $120/hour 

  • Performance Labor - $120/hour

  • Diagnostic Fee - $120/hour

  • AC Service- $89.99 + vehicle-specific parts ($5-$35)

  • Travel Expense - $25/hour

We offer diagnostics, performance builds, bolt-ons, general maintenance/repair, and custom fabrication. 


  1. Custom Fabrication must be paid for in advance for both parts and labor and is non-refundable. The price on the estimate is not the final price; it is an educated guess based upon the known factors prior to starting work. What you pay in advance may not be what is fully owed at the time of pick-up. It is recommended you review your live invoice (sent to you via email) to see where the work is currently at in terms of pricing.

  2. For Bolt-On and General Service Repair & Maintenance we use “All Data” for our labor hours. 


Of the different labor rates, what do they mean? 

Diagnostic Fees are for reviewing and determining the root cause of a problem or an overall analyzation of the current condition of the car and its suitability for modification or service.

Travel Expense Fees are for the off-site travel and procurement of parts outside of a 1-mile radius from our shop in order to perform the service necessary for your vehicle.

Invoices and Estimates


  1. Invoices and estimates are emailed to the customer-provided email address; please ensure you provide us with the most up-to-date email address where you can be contacted. 

  2. When you receive an estimate, review all of the parts and labor to verify the service and parts you want are accurate. If any changes need to be made, please let us know prior to accepting the estimate.

  3. Invoices are only valid for 7 calendar days. Anything after 7 days must be requoted. We apologize for this inconvenience, but due to industry changes with availability of certain parts, fluctuating prices on materials, and vendor pricing changes, we cannot control many pricing variables. For example-- a differential was quoted and priced at $699, it subsequently increased via the manufacturer to $999 within one hour due to metal availability. Please be aware that this is an ongoing issue with the pricing of vendor parts across the board, so as a business we must be flexible with this environment and request your patience and understanding of same.

  4. Once your estimate is accurate for what you want, there is a button you must press that converts the estimate to an invoice; "accept estimate". ​

  5. Once invoiced, you must pay for all of the parts at 100%, and 50% of the labor* before work will begin on your vehicle. *100% of parts and 100% of labor is due on custom fabrication work.

  6. We cannot float customer part purchases, even if additional items are added on to the service at a later time. All work on your vehicle stops if there are parts that are needed before we can move forward; once you pay for the parts needed, work will resume.

  7. The price on the estimate/invoice may not be the final price and you may have a balance owed at the time of pick-up. 

  8. Adjustments may need to be made to the invoice depending on other factors involving your vehicle or the parts required for the service. This could be due to finding broken parts, missing parts, or unsatisfactory conditions once we start working on your vehicle. 

  9. If the parts ordered need modification to work on your vehicle, you will be responsible for the labor hours required to make this work. 

  10. If a major adjustment is being made to your invoice after service has begun; we will contact you and ensure the work and the price are suited for you before moving forward. Please ensure you are available via email and/or phone.

  11. If you request additional services, add-on parts, or labor to your service request after we have started on your original request; we will update your invoice and require additional payment before we proceed with the new services.

  12. We will not order parts without 100% payment of the parts up front.

  13. Additional add-ons to the original request will push back the anticipated fulfillment date of your service completion. These delays may be due to part shipments or other customer appointments on the schedule.

  14. Everything on the invoice is outlined and shows what is allotted for parts, labor, and fees. Remember, it is live, so if we update something on our side, it automatically updates via your link and you can see the live version of your invoice as it is housed on our side. Please note the digital invoice is constantly updated in REAL TIME.

  15. At any time, you can click on the digital link emailed to you for your invoice and see:

  • the total invoice amount

  • how much you have paid

  • how much of a balance is remaining

  • parts expense

  • labor expense

You can print the digital version of your invoice via the link, but if you ever need a physical copy, we will provide you a physical copy or an emailed PDF version of your final invoice.



  1. We require 100% of part expenses & 50% of labor up-front on performance, bolt-on, and general service and maintenance. This may vary depending on how much the build will be, how long we will be working on it, and the parts that are being ordered. 

  2. Custom Fabrication must be paid for in advance at 100% for both parts and labor and is non-refundable. The price on the estimate is not the final price; it is an educated guess based upon the known factors prior to starting work. This is what you will owe before work will begin.

  3. Additional payments for labor and parts may be needed throughout the build in the event we find something on the vehicle that's used, old, worn, missing, in disrepair, in unsafe condition, or requires replacement in order to perform the service correctly. 

  4. Invoice must be paid in full before or at time of pick-up. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  5. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover), VENMO, PayPal, CashApp, Facebook Pay, and cash on-site. Financing is available; please call or text for more info @ 479-621-3777.

  6. We now work with an external financing company that guarantees credit approval for all applicants, regardless of credit. This is to allow flexibility for our customers who may need or desire the ability to make payments on their labor or part purchases with us. Payments and all arrangements are made directly through the financing company. Please inquire with Andrew for more information and how to apply.

  7. Once the vehicle is ready for pickup, customer must pick up vehicle within 2 days of notification of repair/service completion; otherwise $75 per day storage fee will begin to accrue. 

  8. Vehicles not paid for and picked-up within 30 days will be towed off the premises. A balance for the original invoice fees plus storage costs will still be due and owed to the shop. As well, the towing company will incur their own storage and recovery fees and initiate the lien process. Criminal theft of service charges may be initiated per Arkansas Code Title 5. Criminal Offenses §5-36-104; Theft of services.

Part Purchases

  1. We recommend and request customers allow us to order the parts necessary for the completion of their requested services. This is to ensure we have the most accurate parts required for the job using the vendors we have deadline-driven working relationships with. Please read the section on “Used & Customer-Provided Parts” for the alternative.

  2. The customer will be invoiced for the shipping fees incurred on their part orders necessary for their service. We work to keep this cost as low as possible and always attempt to shop locally to avoid excessive shipping fees, when possible. Shipping on parts purchased is based on USPS, UPS, FEDEX, and DHL rates. Overnight shipping fees may be required to meet your deadline for service completion and we use our best judgment in determining if a part should be overnighted vs. ground-shipped, but ultimately the customer is responsible for these fees as reflected on their invoice. 

  3. No refunds/returns on custom items.

  4. If you change your mind on a part purchased through us, you are responsible for any restocking fees the vendor may charge; this will be invoiced to you.


Used and Customer-Provided Parts 

  1. We do not guarantee or warranty used parts under any circumstance. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  2. Customer-provided parts are only accepted if reviewed and approved by Administration Motorsports in advance. 

  3. We are NOT responsible for warranty of the parts, service, or labor of customer-provided parts, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  4. Any returns of customer-provided parts are the responsibility of the customer. We do not process returns of customer-provided parts. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  5. If customer-provided parts are incorrect, faulty, or are not a direct-fit:

  • Customer is responsible for any shipping, processing, restocking and miscellaneous fees associated with the transaction.

  • The deadline for completion of the service may need to be delayed and pushed-back to allow time to receive parts and start work on the vehicle again. 

  • Customer is responsible for additional labor and fees of us having to install, remove, and reinstall the customer-provided parts.

  • Customer is responsible for any fees of labor hours or parts required for the modification of customer-provided parts if they do not directly bolt-on or work as direct fitment to their application.


We offer and honor the manufacturer warranty on all parts purchased through Administration Motorsports.

We are NOT responsible for warranty of the parts, service, or labor of customer-provided parts, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Vehicle Pick-Up


  1. Once we notify you that your vehicle is ready for pick-up, we recommend you click on the link to your invoice that was emailed to you at the start of initiation of services. This will reflect the most up-to-date version of all fees associated with your service. If you have any questions regarding the invoice, please let us know. 

  2. Invoice must be paid in full before or at the time of pick-up. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  3. Once the vehicle is ready for pickup, customer must pick-up vehicle within 2 business days of notification of repair/service completion; otherwise $75 per (business) day storage fee will begin to accrue starting on the 3rd day. 

  4. Vehicles not paid for and picked-up within 30 days will be towed off the premises. Fees for the original invoice PLUS storage costs @ $75/day PLUS administrative fees in our collection and communication attempts will be due and owed. If something occurs and you're not able to pick up your vehicle-- please contact us as soon as possible. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

  5. We may initiate criminal theft of service charges via Washington County or the city of Springdale per Arkansas Code Title 5. Criminal Offenses §5-36-104; Theft of services for invoices not paid timely.

Vehicle and Part Storage

  1. We are not responsible for theft, damage, or losses of any kind to vehicles left overnight in our parking lot. 

  2. Parts and cars indoors will be safeguarded to the best of our ability, but we do not assume responsibility for any intentional acts of vandalism by 3rd parties, acts of God or Mother Nature, arson/fire, flooding, or actions of 3rd parties we do not have any control over.

  3. We do not store parts, cars, or motors of any kind for long term purposes. 

  4. Any parts left on our premises after pick-up of the vehicle are considered abandoned and will become property of Administration Motorsports.

On-Site Liability

  1. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please remove any valuable items from your vehicle prior to drop-off as we do not assume any responsibility for the guarding and safekeeping of your items.

  2. We assume no responsibility for actions of 3rd parties or natural events that may occur at the premises. We are not responsible for physical bodily injury, mental injury, or property damage or losses of any kind as a result of intended or unintended acts of 3rd parties or unintended consequences of events that may occur at the premises.

  3. Customer assumes all risk and responsibility for their physical welfare when walking in and around our service repair facility. We do not have a customer waiting area. We clean and disinfect our shop floors daily, but we cannot guarantee our floors will not have parts or slippery fluids on them as it is a working vehicle repair facility. Please do not bring children on our premises as we cannot assure their safety, and we would hate for something to happen to them in such an industrial environment.

  4. You agree to hold harmless and waive all liability of any events, injuries, or damages that may arise on the premises of Administration Motorsports and its’ operators and property landlord by agreeing and allowing us to perform service on your vehicle or by entering our premises.

Social Media, Marketing, and Photos

While your vehicle is at our shop, we may take photos of the vehicle; the work we are doing, or any other factors of the service that may appear to be interesting or unique. We may post photos of your vehicle or the parts we install on it. These photos may or may not be used in social media, marketing, or for internal use. If you do not want photos of your vehicle or the services performed posted, please let us know as soon as possible. You must explicitly tell us you do not want photos taken or the vehicle posted, otherwise it is assumed that it is okay as it is a normal practice for automotive service providers to take and post photos of customer builds online for the enjoyment and furtherance of the automotive hobby.

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