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What do you service?

We service pretty much any type of application you can think of; from Subaru STis and WRXs, Mitsubushi Evos and Eclipses, BMW 335is, Ford Focus RS and Mustangs, Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros, Pontiac GTOs, to Lamborghini Huracans, Ferrari 360s, Jaguar F-Types, XKRs, Porsche 996s, and Alfa Romeos and Cadillacs. We can work on pretty much anything. We are ready to work on your vehicle, so contact us!

We are known for being experts on the Nissan VQ/HR, Maxima, 350Z, 370Z, BMW 335i N54/N55, and the Infiniti G35, G37, as well as the overall Subaru platform and EJ motor, and the late model GM platform. We have over 5,000 hours invested in these specific platforms!

What is your pricing like?

It depends. Every job is different and is quoted individually based upon the specific needs of service requested for the vehicle. Customers receive a custom-tailored email quote. 

  • General Service Labor - $120/hour 

  • Performance Labor - $120/hour

  • Diagnostic Fee - $120/hour

  • AC Service- $89.99 + vehicle-specific parts ($5-$35)

  • Travel Expense - $25/hour

what kind of work do you do?

We do everything from a basic coilover or air intake install, to a complete motor rebuild with internals. Below is a short sample of the services we perform weekly. We do these and much more.

Contact us to get booked!

  • Airbag / air ride install and repair

  • Procharger install

  • Air intake install

  • Oil catch can design and install

  • Turbo install / diagnostics

  • Supercharger install / diagnostics

  • Coilover / lowering spring install

  • Engine swap / rebuild

  • Transmission swap

  • Clutch / flywheel install

  • Automatic to manual swap conversion

  • General diagnostic / repair

  • ECU swaps / wiring diagnostics

  • Big brake kit install

  • AC service / leakdown test / recharge

  • Downpipe install

  • Exhaust install

  • Walnut blasting for DCI engines

  • Cam Swaps

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